Hello Friends and Fans

LRB is on the road again. We have a dozen shows under our belts as we head South for Spring Break!! With 9 shows in Florida, and a return visit to the On The Blue Cruise in early April…we should get our share of Vitamin D in the next 6 weeks.

We have some very exciting news to share with you…March will see the release of our new recording project…Window To The World. The songs are written and cut…matter of fact, 2 new ones have been added to the live show and are going over extremely well. Because we couldn’t have said it better ourselves, I’m going to share one fan’s quote that we got after last weekend’s shows…

You and your fellow band mates have changed the way we will feel at all concerts of our favorite musicians from now on. We have always joked that the last thing you want to hear from one of your favorite bands from your youth is, “Now we are going to play some of our new music.” Well, your new music was excellent and gave such a perfect nod to the beloved LRB style that we were almost fooled into thinking they must have been some deep tracks we missed along the way. Seriously. I spent a good hour searching for them when I returned home from the concert. Hats off to all of you. Well done.
As mentioned in the November, 2023 newsletter, ColinWhinnery took the helm as producer of Window. The musicianship and recording quality is superb, the vocals are stellar, and there are a couple surprise guests appearing with us.

The music world is very different now when it comes to releasing new songs. So be ready to hear about downloads and streams of a few “singles” from the project. We’re wrapping up all the preliminaries for that new arena for LRB. We will be manufacturing CDs and Vinyl, but the digital forms of the project are going to come out first. If any of those happen to catch fire, we might even get back on the radio. WooHoo.

Regardless of the format where you will want to hear the music, Window is a great collection of fun and heartfelt songs…love and shared heartache.. grown up stuff filled with optimism. If you like to hear new songs and let your mind create the scenery, you’re gonna love Window To The World.

So we’ll see you soon somewhere in your state…we hope!

Take Care
LRB and Crew

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