What did Glenn Frey say about Little River Band?

Glenn Frey was an iconic member of The Eagles. He traveled to Australia twice to tour with Little River Band in 1988. The culmination of the first tour was a live-to-TV performance at Expo ’88 in Brisbane, Queensland. In front of approximately 125,000 in attendance for the show, Glenn stepped to the microphone and said what a pleasure it was to be in Australia and performing with Little River Band – “the best singing band in the world!”

Band membership at that time included Glenn Shorrock, Graham Goble, Wayne Nelson, Derek Pellicci, Stephen Housden, and James Roche on keyboards. The song list for the show contained Frey’s hits as a solo artist, and medleys of Eagles and Little River Band songs – Heartache Tonight/The Night Owls, and Desperado/Cool Change. (It should be noted that Frey made his comment while the Eagles were still officially broken up!)

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