What happened to the 13 musicians who were actual Little River Band members?

Although they have been over 40 performers that comprised LRB touring lineups since its inception in 1975, only 13 were actually included in the band’s Australian business structure.

For varied reasons, 12 of the 13 have left, or been asked to leave, at one time or another. Three came back for another round of service. Here’s how the door has swung for LRB…


These are the founders:

Glenn Shorrock – lead singer and composer 1975 to 1982. Left to pursue a solo career. Returned to the band in 1987. Left again in 1996 due to professional differences.

Graham Goble – singer and composer 1975 to 1989. Left to pursue a solo career.

Beeb Birtles – singer and composer 1975 to 1983. Left for musical differences.

Derek Pellicci – drummer and composer. Left in 1984 for musical differences. Returned in 1987. Left again in 1997 for family reasons.


Other band members:

Ric Formosa – guitarist 1975-1976. Left due to touring demands. Now composes for orchestra.

Roger McLachlan – bassist 1975-1976. Left for personal reasons. Toured again in 1998, but left again for personal reasons.

David Briggs – replaced Formosa as guitarist 1977 to 1981. Asked to leave for personal reasons.

George McArdle – replaced McLachlan as bassist 1977 to 1979. Left for personal beliefs. Became a minister in New South Wales.

Wayne Nelson – replaced McArdle as bassist 1980 to 1996. Left due to touring demands and personal reasons. Returned to the band in 1999 and is currently lead singer and bassist.

Stephen Housden – replaced Briggs 1981 to 2021. Retired from touring in 2006 but remains a band member and composer, as well as owner of the LRB Trademark.

John Farnham – replaced Shorrock as lead singer 1982-1986. Left to pursue a solo career.

David Hirschfelder – replaced Birtles as keyboardist 1983-1986. Left to join John Farnham band. Currently a successful film composer.

Steve Prestwich – replaced Pellicci on drums 1984-1986. Left for musical differences. Rejoined Cold Chisel for a reunion tour. Has since passed away due to a brain aneurism.

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