Where did Little River Band get its name?

Little River Band was founded by Australian musicians who had performed as members of other popular bands. On the way to their first performance in Geelong, Victoria they realized they hadn’t settled on a name yet. As they passed an exit for a town called Little River, legend has it one of them said “Let’s be Little River Band tonight.” And the name stuck.


  • Lisa


    Kudos to whomever wrote this about the evolution of the band. I’ve alwasy been a fan of LRB,. To the point that I know I’ve seen them in ALL their lineups and probably at least 100 times. I love the music, and love the people. Please keep on keeping on!

    • admin


      Thanks Lisa
      100 times…you should get a gold watch! Hope to see you again soon…new music coming in Feb.
      Take Care
      LRB and crew

  • Jeremy


    Really a good summary of the history. Ive been a fan since I was a little kid in the mid 70s. Not sure how I feel about things but Im glad the music is continued to be played. All our heroes retire and die off eventually. Im glad my kids get to enjoy the music of the Little River Band. Glad you guys are coming to rural NC. All the best.

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