Who were the founding members of Little River Band?

Little River Band was formed in Australia in 1975. Four members formed the core of the group They were – Glenn Shorrock (lead vocalist and songwriter), Graham Goble (vocalist and songwriter), Beeb Birtles (vocalist and songwriter), and Derek Pellicci (drummer).

Each of the founding members had been in successful Australian bands prior to the formation of Little River Band. Shorrock was the lead vocalist for two successful bands in the 60s-70s, The Twilights and Axiom. Goble had been a member of Travis Wellington Hedge and Allison Gros, which became Mississippi in 1972. Birtles was a member of Zoot (which included Rick Springfield and Darryl Cotton), and later joined Goble in Mississippi. Pellicci was the drummer for Mississippi.

Shorrock had gone to England with Axiom, but the band broke up there. Mississippi had gone to to England as well in 1974, but had limited success there. Another successful Australian musician turned manager, Glenn Wheatley, went to meet with all 4 and suggested that they get together back in Australia to form up in a new band. It can be argued that Little River Band was Australia’s first “supergroup”.

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