Hello Friends and Fans

Thank you for your continued support for Little River Band, and for your interest in what we’re doing…and where we’re going.

2023 has been a very busy year. We’ve gone coast to coast 3 times to do 70 shows – and put close to 60,000 miles on our bus to get there and back. We even got up to Alaska for their State Fair in September (had to fly that one!).

There have been highlights all along the way. But from within the LRB family, two really stand out. In August, Wayne’s 16 year old grandson joined us in San Diego…played bass and sang a song he wrote with LRB backing him. And in September, Colin’s 10 year old daughter sang a Taylor Swift song with him accompanying on acoustic gtr. Both were show stoppers with standing ovations. In both cases…it’s in the blood.

In between all those travel dates, we’re happy to announce some new music was recorded. The title of the project is Window To The World. It will be available on CD, vinyl, and of course, to stream or download from your favorite music provider.

Colin Whinnery took the reins as the producer for the project. Vocals, guitars, and keyboards were added everywhere from Nashville studios to hotel rooms. (Chris Marion is a genius at turning a hotel room into a soundproof vocal booth!) And our newest bandmate, Bruce Wallace, gathered some of his most successful songwriter buddies to create a batch of great new songs.

We’ll be putting out more details about the new “record” in the December newsletter. So keep an eye out for Window To The World!

And on we go with the last 4 shows of 2023. IA, KS, MI, and NY…brrr! Hope to see you out there somewhere. 2024 is filling in very nicely. Our full schedule can be viewed at


All the best

LRB and Crew